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Your time is valuable. It’s important not to get sidetracked page after page trying to find the information that’s relevant to you. Each link below summarizes a program and will help you find what you need fast. 

Atlantic Shipbuilding Action Plan - This initiative is designed to help Atlantic Canadian businesses ready themselves to take advantage of opportunities related to the Government of Canada’s renewal of the country’s naval and coast guard fleets.

Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) encourages partnerships among private sector firms, universities, colleges and other research institutions to develop new or improved products and services.

Building Canada Fund provides funding for municipal infrastructure projects, particularly in smaller communities. It focuses on improving infrastructure in areas such as water, wastewater, culture and recreation.

Business Development Program (BDP) can help you set up, expand or modernize your business. It can also provide financing to develop your innovative ideas and improve your competitiveness. Focusing on small- and medium-sized enterprises, this program offers interest-free loans. Non-profit organizations providing support to the business community may also qualify.

Canada-Atlantic Provinces Agreement on International Business Development (IBDA) helps established exporters expand their activities into new and more diversified markets. It also helps new exporters get started.

The Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF) supports the improvement of existing community infrastructure facilities and provides economic benefits, including job creation, to communities across Canada.

Innovative Communities Fund (ICF) invests in strategic projects that build the economies of Atlantic Canada's communities.

If you are a young entrepreneur (between 18 and 34) living in Moncton, Saint John, FrederictonHalifax or St. John's, the Seed Capital Initiative may be able to help you start, expand or modernize your business. Older than 35 and looking to start up a new business in these cities? The Seed Capital Initiative may also be able to help. Eligible clients of all ages may also access business training and counseling.

Young Entrepreneur Development Initiative (YEDI) offers financial support to not-for-profit business organizations, colleges and universities and municipalities for business skills training and financial support to Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs under 35 years of age.

Women In Business Initiative (WBI) provides financial support to not-for-profit business organizations to then help women entrepreneurs find the resources they need to grow their businesses and compete.