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Project Information

Welcome to ACOA’s Project Information Database

ACOA is committed to strengthening public sector management by enhancing transparency and oversight of public resources in the federal government.

This database contains information about projects that have been approved by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency since 1995. You can search for information on a specific project, create a custom report or download a text file containing all projects.

Search for a Project – Search for information on a specific project by client name, project description, date or postal code.

Create a Report – Create a custom report of projects that meet specific search criteria, including client name, project description, date, assistance amount and project location.

Download All Projects – Download the full database as a text file in CSV format, which will enable you to open it in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel to do your own analysis.

Additional Information – Read more about the project information that is available in this database.

Note: When the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency or a provincial government department is listed as a client, it is because it has taken the lead on developing, evaluating and/or administering the project.