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Our Role

Building A Stronger Economy – Together

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency works to create opportunities for economic growth in Atlantic Canada by helping businesses become more competitive, innovative and productive, by working with diverse communities to develop and diversify local economies, and by championing the strengths of Atlantic Canada. Together, with Atlantic Canadians, we are building a stronger economy.

Meeting changing needs

Continuous improvement is a never-ending task. Over the years, people have come and gone, programs and processes have changed, but our commitment to building a strong and innovative Atlantic economy remains constant.

With our many partners in economic development, ACOA works to strengthen the Atlantic economy through: 
  • Enterprise development – helping improve the business climate and lending a hand for individual business start ups, modernizations and expansions.
  • Community development – working with communities to nurture economic growth, improve local infrastructure and develop opportunities in the local economy.
  • Policy, advocacy and co-ordination – being a champion for Atlantic Canada by representing the region’s interests at the national level in areas like policy development, research and analysis and in work with other departments to ensure coordination of policies and programs.

Looking to the future

ACOA puts special emphasis on initiatives that foster:

  • Greater productivity
  • The commercialization of innovative technologies
  • Improved global competitiveness
  • Skills development

We will also continue to play an essential role in the co-ordination and development of the Atlantic Gateway and lead trade development initiatives that increase the exposure of Atlantic Canadian firms in foreign markets, thereby generating new economic opportunities.

Service Matters

ACOA is committed to providing you with excellent service that meets your needs. Our service standards page describes our service commitment, including what you can expect from us and how you can provide feedback on the quality of our service.

Want to know more about ACOA projects? Click here to access our project listings. To access ACOA’s latest announcements, visit our media room.

Values and Ethics

View ACOA's Values and Ethics Code.