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June 17, 2013 - HALIFAX, NS

The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence and Regional Minister for Nova Scotia, today announced investments of close to $11.3 million in support of five innovative research and development (R&D) projects in Nova Scotia under the 2012 Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) competitive round.

The Nova Scotia projects were among 17 new R&D projects in Atlantic Canada selected to receive AIF funding, as announced on May 14 in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, by the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada. In total, the Government of Canada will invest $39.9 million under the AIF to transform promising ideas into marketable innovations. The combined value of these projects is over $71.1 million.

“Innovation is a driving force of economic development in Canada and this is a priority of our Government,” said Minister MacKay. “Our Government is committed to helping Atlantic Canada’s businesses to move innovative ideas from the lab to the marketplace.

Investments in innovation help build our country’s commercialization capacity and strengthen our economy by creating high quality jobs and generating economic wealth.”
In Nova Scotia, AIF funding will support projects for the development of osteoarthritis diagnostic tools and improvement of emergency patient diagnostic tools; creating an additive product to enable drugs to properly fight off infections; developing the use of solar radiation to design more energy-efficient buildings; and an enhanced maritime communications system.

“I believe these projects help to contribute to an innovative, productive and competitive economy here in the Nova Scotia and across Atlantic Canada,” said Minister MacKay. “Our Government’s investment in R&D helps the region’s businesses and institutions conduct top level research and achieve commercial success for their innovations – all necessary to succeed in the knowledge economy of the 21st century.”

Since its launch, the Atlantic Innovation Fund has been helping Atlantic Canadians compete in a global knowledge-based economy through the development and commercialization of new and innovative products and services. In Economic Action Plan 2010, the Government ensured that funding for the AIF would be permanent.

Atlantic Canadian businesses seeking to further develop innovative products, services or technologies, as well as researchers looking for support to bring ideas from the lab to the marketplace, can now ready themselves to apply for the next round of AIF.

The Request for Letters of Intent and Project Proposals has been announced for the 2013 competitive round. Eligible businesses, research organizations and post secondary institutions will have until August 14, at 2:00 p.m. AST to submit a mandatory letter of intent for the latest round of AIF funding. The deadline for completed project proposals is November 6, at 2:00 p.m. AST.

Since 2006, a total investment of $503.8 million has been committed to business and institutional projects under the Atlantic Innovation Fund.

For a list of AIF-funded projects, to find out more about the Fund and to see examples of Innovation at Work visit


Minister Peter MacKay today announced investments of over $11.3 million in five Nova Scotia projects under the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF). The recipients are Capital District Health Authority, Chelation Partners Incorporated, Medusa Medical Technologies Inc., Green Power Labs Inc. and General Dynamics Canada Ltd.

This follows a May 14 announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that the Government of Canada will invest a total of nearly $40 million to support 17 new R&D projects across Atlantic Canada.

Minister MacKay said by investing in R&D, the government is helping businesses and institutions in Moncton to conduct top level research to achieve commercial success for their innovations.



Jennifer Wadden
Senior Special Assistant
Office of the Honourable Peter MacKay
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Director, Communications and Outreach
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Nova Scotia

Capital District Health Authority (Halifax)
Project: Osteoarthritis diagnostic tools
Investment: $1,565,804

Through this project, CDHA and its collaborators will develop diagnostic and monitoring tools that will help to improve orthopaedic patient outcomes. In particular, the project will result in a "movement on osteoarthritis” (OA) package. These tools will enable improved pre- and post-operative patient assessment and management through provision of education, rehabilitation and remote monitoring. Clinicians will gain access to a care collaboration platform and more reliable and specific treatment decision-making aids, benefiting a wide range of hip, knee and spine issues.

Dr. Patrick McGrath
Integrated VP of Research and Innovation
(902) 470-6511

Chelation Partners Incorporated (Halifax)
Project: Developing superbug solutions
Investment: $2,781,915

Chelation Partners will create an additive product to reverse the development of bacterial resistance and enable drugs to properly fight off infections. The company is developing solutions for the problem of drug-resistant microbial populations, such as superbugs, through the selected removal of iron, which is required for microbial survival, growth and spread. The company's proprietary polymers could be used as additives or excipients for a broad range of antibiotics making it a platform technology.

Dr. Bill Cheliak
VP Business Development
(902) 442-9185

Medusa Medical Technologies Inc. (Halifax)
Project: Improved Patient Care Reporting
Investment: $2,625,000

Under this two-year project, Medusa Medical Technologies will develop a new version of Siren ePCR Suite ™ to capture enhanced patient care information provided in a pre-hospital setting. Siren enables ambulance operators to use the recorded data for a variety of purposes such as integration with external systems (hospitals, HIEs, EMRs, EHRs, MedicAlert), clinical quality improvement, benchmarking, operational improvement, medical research and meeting regulatory requirements. The new version will leverage Medusa's significant international ePCR experience to improve functionality that will offer more features and greater flexibility to paramedics and other emergency medical professionals around the world.

Dan MacDonald
VP, Product Development
(902) 429-1200 Ext. 231

Green Power Labs Inc. (Dartmouth)
Project: Technology for building energy management
Investment: $2,415,420

This project will use solar radiation monitoring and forecasting to help design more energy-efficient buildings. Specifically, the project will develop advanced control technology for building energy management in regard to heating, ventilation, and cooling. This technology will combine weather forecasts, 3D location parameters, and building behavior modeling to better instruct building energy management systems, resulting in minimized energy consumption and improved energy efficiency.

Dr. Alexandre Pavlovski
President and CEO
(902) 466-6475

General Dynamics Canada Ltd. (Dartmouth)
Project: Enhanced maritime communications system
Investment: $1,951,013

This project will develop an enhanced maritime communications system that maximizes the exploitation of the available bandwidth and optimizes data exchange, requiring technological innovation in the areas of cognitive radio, software defined radio/antenna and policy-based routing.

Greg Cottingham, CD, M.Eng. PMP
UWW ISR Program Manager
(902) 406-3765
902-403-5768 (Cell)
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