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Project Impact - Spring Loaded Technology

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Title: Project Impact – Spring Loaded Technology

Chris Cowper-Smith, President & CEO, Spring Loaded Technology Incorporated :

Our first technology is a bionic knee brace that loads energy as the user bends their knees and then restores that energy upon extension- thereby helping the individual up from seated, back onto their feet, back to the things that they want to be doing in life.

We’re developing bionic technologies to help people with a wide range of different mobility impairments- starting with the knee and ranging from things like knee osteoporosis, to ACL injuries, to other lower limb mobility impairments.

This will help individuals both get their quality of life back- but also to restore their productivity so they can get back on their work force, regain those wages that they may have lost and really just grab their life back.

Currently, something like osteoporosis alone costs the Canadian economy over 27 billion dollars per year, and that is from a wide range of health care cost as well as lost productivity, and otherwise.

So were doing this to help those kind of individuals prevent or delay the need for surgery while also, potentially helping them through the recovery period faster.

The impact of this investment will be to allow spring-loaded to develop more and more bionic technology to help even more individuals both in Canada and all over the world.