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Springboard Atlantic: Acadia University and Forest Protection Ltd.

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Title: Springboard Atlantic: Acadia University and Forest Protection Ltd.

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JP Astorino – Forest Protection Ltd.: We protect the forest from pests, from forest fires, and then we also do surveys for industry and the province. By partnering up with Acadia University, for this research, we’re looking for ways to be much more environmentally friendly in how we do our business.

Kirk Hillier- Researcher, Acadia University: By using insect pheromones, we can develop traps to monitor the spread of invasive species. And we can develop pesticide-free means of actually controlling insect pests, thereby benefitting the environment in a whole range of different ways.

JP Astorino: A company like ours isn’t large enough to have a research and development side to it or department to it. So we need research to be done, we recognize that research is critical to helping us improve the ways we do things.

Kirk Hillier: There have been real successes where we have been able to actually eliminate insecticidal application and substitute it with more naturally derived, less broad spectrum, less environmentally harmful pheromones.

Peggy Crawford - Office of Industry and Community Engagement: Acadia is a member of Springboard Atlantic Network. And the Springboard Network is key to how we all operate across the Atlantic Region, in working with businesses and supporting our researchers.

Kirk Hillier: The Office of Industry and Community Engagement has been a critical element of all aspects of these funding proposals. We’ve actually developed a whole series of new technologies. We have two patents filed for pheromone lures. We’ve created over 50 positions for students, technicians, PHDs throughout the program as well. So lots of new jobs being created.

JP Astorino: Research is key to getting us to do things better. Partnering with researchers helps us get the information that we need. Helps us to improve as a business and it provides them with the funding, so that they can do the research that they want to do.