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Nathan Kroll, President, Ad-Dispatch



(Music plays)

A man holds a tablet up to a billboard.

When people experience augmented reality for the first time, there is a wow because they’re seeing something that they’ve never seen before.

Augmented reality uses the camera in your Smartphone to see the physical world around us.

A man looks at an advertisement using his Smartphone.

It brings almost a fourth dimension to the world, where you’re able to recognize an image and add content to that image.

Nathan Kroll speaks to the camera. Ad-Dispatch’s augmented reality and BoostAR logos are displayed.

I’m Nathan Kroll, President of Ad-Dispatch and BoostAR, and we build augmented reality software and we connect augmented reality through BoostAR with consumer products.

Posters and billboards promote popular children's characters. Tablets and Smartphones display products and information on transit shelters and in stores.

We’ve connected augmented reality experiences and games to things like transit shelters, massive outdoor billboards, in-store point-of-purchase sales, trade shows, things as small as stamps and as large as tractor trailers.

A game is displayed on a Smartphone.

Recently we built a campaign for the Avengers with Marvel and with Wal-Mart.

Nathan speaks to the camera. The BoostAR logo is displayed.

The loan from ACOA allowed us to be able to fund the development of BoostAR, which is our consumer product mobile application.

A woman uses a tablet to view a t-shirt. A poster shows Marvel and Disney characters with the BoostAR logo.

It allowed us to be able to build it, develop a library of content and start to develop relationships with some of the key brands around North America.

A map of the North American eastern seaboard zooms into Atlantic Canada.

I love that fact that we are in Atlantic Canada. When I travel all over North America, people always ask me why we are here.

A man uses a tablet to look at a t-shirt. A woman manipulates graphics on the computer screen.

We have a cost of living which is quite comfortable, so our operational costs and our labour costs are lower. And, we have no turnover.

A man manipulates graphics on a computer.

Like any technical industry, what we are working on and how we are doing things now is probably going to be different in six to eight months. We are going to have to continually evolve.

Nathan speaks to the camera. Three employees work on laptops.

We’ve just experienced a great deal of growth in the last 18 months. And now within the entire organization, there are over 50 people.

Nathan speaks to the camera.

I think that 2013 is going to be one heck of a year for us.

Added: March 5, 2013