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Allen Dillon, Executive Vice-President, Bluedrop Performance Learning

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Mr. Dillon is standing up talking at the camera.

I’m Allen Dillon.  I’m the Executive Vice-President of Business Development for Bluedrop Performance Learning, based in Saint John’s, Newfoundland. 

Blue Drop is a performance e-learning company that’s right across Atlantic Canada, and into Ottawa and Washington, working in the defense and aerospace business. 

Farnborough is absolutely the premier show. As a key interested party in growing our business in the defense and aerospace agenda, we must be here.  It’s the number one show in the world and for anybody who wants to work in the aerospace business have to be at least present at this show to build up its networking capability I guess, and also its network in general with all the senior representatives of the industry, commercial and military here. So it’s an imperative to be here. 

What we hope to achieve? You know, it’s quite simple, we want to make contact with the very best in the industry and demonstrate to them that Bluedrop is indeed, as we are in Canada, well recognized for our e-learning capabilities and what we’re provisioning in air crew and maintenance, technical training, etc. 

We want to bring that to the rest of the world. We want to make a few new initial contacts with some large international players that can recognize this little Canadian company of 80 people down East and Eastern Canada, Atlantic, and what its capacities and capabilities are to help them in unique ways with this advanced learning technology. 

Interviewer (not seen in the video) asks the following question:  So this year, there’s 12 companies from Atlantic Canada.  What role do you think the Atlantic Alliance and ACOA have played in making that happen?

Mr. Dillon responds to the question:  It’s a lot of support for Atlantic Canada because we truly have a tremendous industry. 

You know, it’s much better as one representing this very large show, and this very large market in aerospace. To really have a presence we need to do it as one. And Atlantic Alliance has been a tremendous organization, basically allowing us to be bigger, you know. The sum of the parts is more effective than the individual. So we’ve achieved that with the Alliance, and certainly ACOA, organizations, the federal departments, etc., Industry Canada, ACOA itself and the provinces have been very strong supporters of industry.

And without that alignment, we just would not have the success that we’ve had. You know, we’ve seen in the 200 some odd percentage growth over the last 10 years in our industry, in Atlantic Canada.  It’s an imperative. We need that alliance with the government, and ACOA in particular, as an incubating organization to bring new technology has certainly helped Bluedrop directly and other companies in being more competitive on a global market. So we appreciate the presence, we appreciate the alignment during the show and the kind comments that come from the ministers and others about the Atlantic Alliance itself and the companies that are there in the industry.

Added: July 19, 2010