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Alan Parslow, CEO, Deep Vision


Mr. Parslow is standing up looking at the camera.

Hi. I’m Alan Parslow from Deep Vision. I think this is the third or fourth time that we’ve been to Farnborough, but we normally do Paris and Farnborough every other year. So I think since 2005 we’ve been going Paris, Farnborough, Paris, Farnborough, and alternating. 

And the reason we’ve come to this show is that it’s just a great show for networking, meeting people, and establishing a Canadian presence, especially in Nova Scotia – an eastern Canadian presence. 

We look to do business, but not necessarily in the short term, it’s a long term thing. And I highly recommend it to any other company in the aerospace and defense sector. 

We can trace some of our business back to contacts that we’ve made in Farnborough, and again, in Paris. 

We’re working with a company called Aerovision, a Spanish company. And we’re building a military version of an existing UAV, the Fulmar, so we’re very excited about that project, and for us it’s quite a significant piece of business and a significant opportunity. 

The value of the AAADA – or the Atlantic Alliance as it’s called – is very great for us. We’re a small company and we get to meet with and work with bigger companies and have a much more significant presence than we would have by ourselves. In fact, by ourselves, it would be greatly difficult and expensive to do this kind of trade show so I think the Atlantic Alliance – the brand, the grouping – is a very good thing. 

I think the Government and government presence is very helpful at a trade show of this kind.  Again, it’s not direct, but it’s indirect support. It shows that Canada is willing to put their key people where the business is and to support these companies on missions of this kind.

Added: July 19, 2010