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Paul Kearney, Director of Sales, ING Engineering Inc

Mr. Kearney is standing up, looking at the camera.

Good morning.  My name is Paul Kearney.  I’m the Director of Sales for ING Engineering.  We are Canada’s leading robotics aviation company. 

We came to the Farnborough Air Show with a view to solidifying and refining our international partnerships – of which we have a great many – and following up leads that we have generated with these companies over time. 

We are also exploring new initiatives with other companies that we meet here at Farnborough, and we’re really looking forward to bringing those back to our new office that we just opened in Fredericton, New Brunswick. 

We hope to continue our operations, training and research and development at the Fredericton office, on the UNB campus, and turn ING Engineering into an even larger world class facility and world class company than it already is.

Added: July 19, 2010