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Andrew Hall, President and CEO, Marand Engineering

Mr. Hall is sitting down, looking at the unseen interviewer.

My name is Andrew Hall.  My company is Marand Engineering.  We’re in aircraft sheet metal fabrication. 

We’re basically at this show because it’s where everybody comes.  It’s a place where you can come, your customers are here, their buyers are here, their program managers and engineering staff are here. It’s a great, great show. 

We’re located in Charlottetown, PEI.  We’ve got a staff of 10 people.  We’re not big, we’re looking to grow. It’s a great opportunity to meet new customers and just network. 

It’s our first time. We’ve gone to other shows, but this is just a whole other scale of opportunity. It’s a world market this show. There’s no way it can’t not help. This business is not about… you don’t get instant contracts. You come to these shows, you meet some people, you meet a few more people and relationships start to build. That’s how you build business in this industry.

Added: July 19, 2010