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A new menu for tourism

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Transcript: A new menu for tourism

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Four people on a fishing boat head out for a morning oyster catch off the coast of PEI – a woman samples her fresh catch.

People will rave about going out and tasting the fresh oysters from the sea. I think that is the fun of it all. The Maritimes is a fun place.

Bill and Mary Kendrick stand in front of the steps of their Inn.

We’re Mary and Bill Kendrick, and we run Briarcliffe Inn and Experience PEI.

Bill and Mary cook pancakes in their kitchen and prepare breakfast plates for their guests.

We had been innkeepers for about a decade and we would listen to our guests ask us the same questions every morning: what do I do? Where do I go?

A couple walks around a Nova Scotia vineyard, as their tour guide displays the local grapes.

Tourists are looking for something that’s going to be a memory.

They’re wanting different things …to walk the vineyard and taste the wine after.

People now want to experience a deeper sense of eating …

A couple enjoys selections from a plate of local seafood as their server looks on.

People are more willing to try and taste things that they haven’t tried before.

Two young girls try their hand at shucking oysters from a boat in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Visitors today are interested in local experiences, in local food.

A chef prepares plates from a selection of fresh local fare.

We’re known in Atlantic Canada for our seafood … you can pick it up right from the wharf from a lobster fisherman.

Fresh lobsters are lifted from the sea onto a Nova Scotia fishing boat.

You’re not going to get it any fresher than what we have here in Atlantic Canada.

Guests at a New Brunswick restaurant enjoy plates of freshly cooked lobster with glasses of wine.

We’ve got award-winning wines that are being produced.

Staff bottle up PEI potato vodka as visitors look on. In New Brunswick, Picaroon, a local craft brew, is poured into frothy glasses.

We have distilleries that are producing, you know, potato vodka here or scotch over in Nova Scotia and are winning awards around the world.

Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs demonstrating their local fare at the Boston Seafood show.

ACOA has been very good for us in our business, primarily through our participation in the ACOA-sponsored “Best Practices” missions.

It allowed me to look with different eyes about how a business could run and be developed.

An award-winning cheese is carefully wrapped and shelved for ripening by a employee of Cows, PEI. Two girls admire a showcase of tempting selections at the Island Chocolate Company.

I think the Maritimes is getting to be known for many things: wine, food, the atmosphere, the fact that we have a slower pace of life.

Tourists enjoy some outdoor dining in local cafes and by the shore with boats and friends nearby.

We’ve been a “best kept secret” of Canada.

A nice glass of white wine with a lobster … can’t get any better than that!

Added: June 26, 2012