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Seeing the forest for the trees

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Archival photos are displayed showing forestry workers in log camps and on rivers, building boats and houses.

Atlantic Canada certainly has a long and distinguished history in the forestry sector …wood has been harvested here for many many years for use in heating homes … building homes, ship building … veneer and plywood from New Brunswick was a key component in aircraft construction during world war 2 …

A modern wood production facility, where a company spokesman stands in front of pallets loaded with company products.

The industry has certainly evolved and matured a lot since those early golden days …

My name is David Harris, I’m Vice President of Sales and marketing for Marwood Limited.

Marwood operates 5 manufacturing facilities here in Atlantic Canada.

The facility in full operation: machines processing raw wood, while workers inspect and move products.

The Cape Cod siding product that we’re looking at here today is used primarily for new home construction but also on renovations …

Workers process wood paint from their computers and in a paint lab.

We face competition on a global scale so it’s more important now than ever that we innovate and adapt in order to remain competitive in this environment.

You can find products from Atlantic Canada just about anywhere … certainly in Canada, the United States and all of the western European countries.

Images of wood products are shown: houses under construction, lattice fencing and decking, hardwood floors in a living room.

Pressure treated lumber … exterior railing components … high quality hardwood flooring … pre-finished lattice and fence panels … paper plates and dinnerware … pre-finished engineered and solid wood sidings … guard rail posts and utility poles … traditional pulp and paper and lumber, and emerging energy products.

Employees in full operation: preparing wood for the assembly machine, packaging and moving final product.

ACOA has been supportive of Marwood over the years with various innovative marketing and export development initiativesCertainly ACOA’s help has been key to our success …

The industry is undergoing a fundamental change right now.

I think Atlantic Canadians have a history of rising to the challenge …

A series of images show forest lands reaching unbroken to the horizon. A tree harvesting machine at work.

… We have one of the highest percentages of certified forests in the world … and that is increasingly important … where customers demand and expect that and actually pay a premium for it.

Atlantic Canadian products have a reputation for quality and for being harvested in a sustainable, environmentally conscious manner.

A load of freshly-cut logs is driven off-site on a large flat-bed truck as a forestry worker looks on.

That really helps elevate us above the crowd.

An aerial image of a lake and its surrounding forest.

Added: February 19, 2014