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Green Imaging Technology

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We have really deep science behind our technology and we need the best and brightest.

It’s not an accident why we’re here in Atlantic Canada, we have really smart people that want to be here.

My name is Jill Green and I’m the CEO of Green Imaging Technologies.

Green Imaging Technologies is a software company focusing on the oil and gas sector.

Our technology is based on nuclear magnetic resonance and we sell to global oil and gas companies and service companies.

Our biggest market is software that they use in the exploration process in the oil and gas labs.

We can give them information about how much oil and gas is in the ground and the best way to get it out.

We have a very close relationship with the University of New Brunswick. They have a world-renowned MRI research centre that is doing mind-bending research. And, as they’re developing things, and they’re ready for commercialization, we channel them into our company so we can put them out to the world.

Green Imaging Technologies truly is a global company, we have software installations all over the world. You pick a country and we probably have a software installation there.

The oil and gas sector is probably one of the most innovative sectors in the world. They’re doing things better, faster all the time. So to play with all these different companies you need to be as innovative or more innovative than they are.

ACOA’s really there for us from the very beginning. Our project manager met with us immediately, explained the process and was there to help us with every step along the way.

Green Imaging Technology knows more about Magnetic Resonance Imaging and rock than anybody else in the world.

This is the place to be to get smart people to work with you.