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Kenneth Maple Farms

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Michael Salmon, Kenneth Maple Farms

Transcript: Kenneth Maple Farms

New Brunswick is the third largest producer of maple syrup in the world. And we also have the largest certified organic maple production in the world.

My name is Michael Salmon. My sugar bush is called Kenneth Maple Farms.

The farm has been operating since December of 93. We’ve grown from 5,000 taps to 55,000 taps. Maple sugar comes out of the tree at approximately 2, 2.5 per cent sugar. We take it down basically to about 12 or 14 percent sugar. So basically, we’re separating some water out of it.

I sit on the New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association Board as chairman or president. Developing new export markets for the industry in New Brunswick is a goal of the Association.

There’s all sorts of different maple products. You take some maple candy and wrap some dark chocolate around it and that’s a pretty good taste. There’s maple butter, candy, there’s barbecue sauces there’s salad dressing, there’s maple wines out there. And there’s lots of market all over the world.

ACOA contributed towards the formation and the operation of our association here in the province. ACOA has helped us personally, here at Kenneth Maple Farms, with expansion, with consolidating two different sugar bushes we owned into one.

There’s a lot of research money going into the medical end of maple syrup. It is a much better product for you as a sweetener than your sugar or brown sugar. It’s full of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, It’s got antioxidants in it. There’s even an enzyme in there now that helps diabetics to use sugar at a slower rate in the bloodstream.

When you’re done at the end of the year, the ecosystem is still standing, the trees are still there, they’re usable again, it’s a renewable resource. It’s a very small portion of the world that can make maple syrup.

Added: April 20, 2012