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A.F. Theriault

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Transcript: A.F. Theriault

Gilles Theriault, Assistant Superintendent, A.F. Theriault & Sons Ltd. Boatbuilding and Repair

Our facility here is what we like to call a turnkey facility that when you come up and sit down with us and you’re looking for a new vessel, that we can fulfill your dreams.

When you build a new boat, be it a fishing vessel or a commercial vessel, you really need to maintain the highest level of quality that you can achieve at all times.

We employ 150 people… we have all different trades, machinists, welders, plumbers, carpenters – people that care about what they do and the product that they achieve.

We build car ferries for the province of Nova Scotia. We build pilot boats that went to Newfoundland. We build boats also for the coast guard. We build fishing boats at the same time to serve our local fishermen.

It’s important for a company like ours, A.F. Theriault, to have ACOA on our side, working together with us to make our company grow.

We build Hammerheads that are shipped to Medicine Hat to Meggitt Defense and then are sold to different navies around the world.

Lately we built 18 catamarans that have gone to Europe.

The last boat that we built was a fireboat that went to Massport, in the United States.

Our global market is very important now; it’s survival for our industry.

We work quite hard at being innovative in our industry. The more innovative you are, the more you’re going to thrive in your future.

When you have a very good product out there, and the owner is proud of what they get, that’s how you can maintain a constant growth with your company.

(Note: Gilles Theriault was also interviewed in French. Click here for a translated transcript.)