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(Translation of French interview)

Gilles Theriault, Assistant Superintendent, A.F. Theriault & Sons Ltd. Boatbuilding & Repair

A.F. Theriault is a company that builds and repairs boats. We build and repair boats made of steel, fiberglass, aluminum, high-performance composite, and wood.

We work very hard to keep our quality high - it's important for our future to maintain a good global reputation.

We employ 150 people, in all kinds of different trades... we have machinists, welders, plumbers…

We work so that the company and the community both grow together – it's very important.

We’ve worked on some really interesting projects in the past...

We just delivered a fire boat for Massport, for the Logan Airport.

We’ve built Hammerheads, working with a company called Meggitt Defense, in Medicine Hat, Alberta – they add components and then sell them to navies around the world.

We’ve built 50-foot-long catamarans made to serve European wind turbines.

It’s rewarding to be an entrepreneur when you end up with a happy client.

It's very important to have ACOA working with us so that we can grow our business.

A.F. Theriault, even though we are in a small community in Baie St. Marie, we build boats that are sent around the world.

You can’t be afraid to try different things, and to look at different projects, but you have to be sure to come up with a good product at the end.

Today, A.F. Theriault is striving to stay innovative, diversifying what we do so that the future is bright for us, our employees, our community and Nova Scotia overall.