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AbbyShot Clothiers


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Transcript: AbbyShot Clothiers

When I started my business I went to a conference where somebody did a presentation in the apparel  industry, and he said, if you’re ever going to consider selling clothes on-line, don’t do it, it’s not going to work. But I’m not the type of person who takes no for an answer.

Abbyshot is known world-wide for making movie replica clothing. We’re recognized on the internet actually as being the most screen accurate in replica clothing.

The customers, mostly they’re people who are fans of the character and they want to put that garment on and actually feel the power of that character, and they feel transformed when they wear it.

We have 7 employees right now, we’re shipping to 45 different countries all around the world.

Brenda is our social media specialist and she’s been squirreling herself away here with all kinds of screens... It’s a very big part of our company, a key part of having us develop new products.

ACOA helped us lay the ground work for the beginning of the company. They’ve helped us with getting equipment that we needed to get the company started, hiring new people with the skill sets that we didn’t have. We never would be there without the help of ACOA.

I think AbbyShot is successful because of the creative people that we have around us. This is an opportunity to tap into your highest power here, and actually do the things that you absolutely love. We love what we do here. We really do.