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COWS, Inc.


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Transcript: COWS, Inc.

When we first incorporated COWS, we had a staff of five, and of those five, one retired last week and the other four of us are still here.

There has honestly never been a day that I didn’t look forward to coming here.

People come in for our ice-cream because that’s what we’re most known for, and they would want to buy our hats and our T-shirts that said "COWS". So we decided we’d print some extra ones for sale, and they sold really well, and that’s how we started our retail store.

We sell a whole line of things, everything from pens and alarm clocks to postcards and shot glasses, and pajamas are very popular.

Some of us were skeptical that people would buy a T-shirt with the word “COWS” on it, and a cow image, but twenty five years later, we have ten stores – six here on the island, one in Banff, one in Whistler, Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, and one in Halifax.

When I look back from when we started at our first ice-cream stand, and all of the expansion and growth that we’ve had since then, there’s no question that without the support of ACOA, we could never have grown how we have. It’s nice to have partners that believe in what you are doing and help you along the way.

Scott Linkletter, who’s the owner of COWS, was on a trip to Scotland when he met a farmer who was making this bandage-wrapped cheese, and he was fascinated by the process. He stayed for a couple of days, he learned how to make it, and he came home and said “Guess what folks, we’re going to be in the cheese business”.

We’re the only ones in Canada doing this cloth-bound process and we won first place at the American Cheese Society Awards last year for the best cloth-bound Cheddar.

If we had used the COWS brand and logo, but not delivered the quality and the goods, we wouldn’t have survived very long. So I think at the end of the day, it's the quality of our T-shirts and the quality of our ice cream.

When we say quality, we mean it, and we show it and you can taste it.