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Conversation with Dave Davies, Managing Director of Forest Protection Limited and Dr. Renée Lapointe, Director of Research of Sylvar Technologies Inc. 
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Transcript: Forest Protection Limited

Innovation in Research and Development is very important to Atlantic Canada. I think that one of our biggest resources in Atlantic Canada is our human resource and I think that we’ve got the brains and the intelligence to be competitive world-wide and if we can develop products and technology that can compete on a world-wide market we can do things more cost-effectively, efficiently and more environmentally safe.

My name is Dave Davies, I’m managing director of Forest Protection Limited.

We are an aerial work operator; our basic mandate is to protect forest.  With ACOA’s innovation funding we’re basically working on two components of a project. One is aerial application technologies and one is the development of baculoviruses.

FPL has the lead on the aerial application technologies and we think we have developed a world-renown state of the art technology to better apply pesticides. The objective of the aerial application technologies we are working on is to maximize the deposit on the target and minimize the drift off target. That is the environmental way to go. This also is very cost-effective.

I’m Renée Lapointe, I work for Sylvar Technologies as a Research Director.

Forest Protection Limited is our parent-company alongside BioAtlantech and we focus on insect pest-control agents that are baculoviruses.

Baculoviruses are insect viruses that are very specific to certain species of insects. They’re a natural product, it’s a really green product. They basically are used here by Sylvar Technologies to control these insect pests.

ACOA really helped us get all of our structure set up so that we were able to hire some people that were already trained in the field of baculovirology.

There are a lot of people that have been involved in this project and it has definitely increased the capacity of the Fredericton area, New Brunswick, to handle projects like this.

We’re ready to do business. We have an aerial application system that we’re ready to start marketing in 2011. We have a prop system which is kind of a computer modeling system where the spraying gets your biggest bang for the buck.  We’re ready to start marketing that in 2011. We have baculoviruses Sylvar Technologies has that are ready for sale right now.

Forest Protection Limited has been around for sixty years, we’ll definitely be around another sixty years.  Forests need protecting and that’s us.

Note: Renée Lapointe was also interviewed in French. Click here for a translated transcript of the interview.

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