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In the Heat of Opportunity


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To learn more about the Industrial Rubber Company, read: In the heat of opportunity or view ACOA’s social media release on Industrial Rubber.

Transcript: Industrial Rubber Company
We’re located in Bathurst NB and we’ve been here since 1975. We started out as a re-treading plant and now into rubber molding and rubber components. Basically supplying industry and the military… rubber molded products for mining industry in which we supply world wide as well as refurbishment of products for the defense industry for Canada and Europe and South America.

Industrial rubber trains it’s own personnel so we are in control of the product that leaves here. We are the quality assurance people of our own product. We’ve gone through the programs to make our company more efficient with the help of a lot of agencies.

ACOA has helped us on three major projects since I’ve been here. Basically the biggest by far has been getting us into the ISO certification and lean manufacturing, helping our business be a better company. I think it’s ACOA’s way of guiding you down the road and saying "listen guys, if you really want to be in the market, this is what you have to do". They have shown me some of the avenues, you know, where to go and people to talk to about how to improve your business.

For four years we worked with National Research Council, we worked with the US military research people and we developed rubber products that now can be used in cold weather as well as hot weather and Canada benefited big time from that. Just as an example, all the track pads are used in the Leopard vehicles in Canada that are used in Afghanistan. The track pad is the first thing that hits the ground is a rubber pad from Bathurst NB from Industrial Rubber.

I am traveling the world trying to find new products, trying to find cheaper products, trying to find new technologies that we can work here in Canada. There’s a lot of people out there who will want to help you. And so if you show that you are interested in doing it, you show you want to be a better quality company, people will help you out and you’ll continue to grow.