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Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada is made up of the four most eastern Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. Over 2.3 million people call Atlantic Canada home.

Map of Eastern Canada and USA, highlighting Atlantic CanadaThe province of Quebec, the Atlantic Ocean and the New England states border Atlantic Canada. Our major cities include:

Nova Scotia (provincial population of 924,000)

  • Halifax
  • Sydney

New Brunswick (provincial population of 747,000)

  • Saint John
  • Moncton
  • Fredericton

Newfoundland and Labrador (provincial population of 520,000)

  • St. John’s
  • Corner Brook

Prince Edward Island (provincial population of 143,000)

  • Charlottetown

We’re Well Connected

Atlantic Canada is well connected to major North American markets by road, sea, air and rail. In fact, Atlantic Canada is within one day’s driving distance of more than one-third of the entire population of North America. Our four international airports offer dozens of daily flights to major destinations and we have year-round deepwater ports two days closer to Europe than any other port on the eastern seaboard.

We’re Educated and Dedicated

Atlantic Canada’s highly educated and dedicated workforce stands at 1.2 million strong. The diverse skill set of the region’s workforce ensures that operations will find the staff they need easily and quickly. Employee absenteeism and turnover rates in Atlantic Canada are among the lowest in all of North America. On average, Atlantic Canadian employees stay with employers 100% longer than do their American counterparts. This means significantly lower recruiting and retraining costs for companies doing business in the region.

It’s a great place to live

People like living here. They like the four-season activities, the natural beauty, the welcoming smiles, the pace, the peace and security.

They work in the region's growing and traditional industries, including: 

  • Aerospace and defence – with excellent research and development facilities, four international airports, the industry is well positioned for continued, strong growth.
  • Agriculture and agri-food – Home to the world’s largest fruit farm, producer of frozen french fries, supplier of frozen wild blueberries and the very first candy bar manufacturer.
  • Aquaculture – Atlantic Canada accounts for the vast majority of Canada’s rich variety of harvested, farmed and processed fisheries products exported worldwide.
  • Biotechnology – Atlantic Canada has a dynamic and innovative biotechnology industry that features some of the top new biotech firms in Canada.
  • Business and professional services – Atlantic Canada has more than 10,000 firms operating in the business and professional services industry.
  • Construction – The industry is multi-faceted, with large engineering achievements such as the 13-km (8-mile) long Confederation Bridge, hyper-activity in energy-related projects and a solid base of residential and commercial work.
  • E-Business – Atlantic Canada offers a number of e-business clusters, a large pool of high-tech graduates, leading-edge research facilities, low business costs, an advanced telecommunications infrastructure and many other advantages.
  • Energy – Atlantic Canada’s energy sector is booming and is a world leader in energy production, export and research.
  • Environmental technologies – Atlantic Canada has been successful in developing innovative solutions for the evolving issues that impact and affect the environment and human health.
  • Information and Communications Technology – From software development to telecommunications to online content, the region’s ICT companies are successfully developing and exporting their products and services globally.
  • Nearshoring – Atlantic Canada is a prime nearshore destination and a growing powerhouse in the industry.
  • Ocean Technologies – One of Atlantic Canada’s largest advanced technology industries, with high levels of research, development and innovation, a highly skilled labour force and an export focus.
  • Research and development – Atlantic Canada has an extensive network of specialized centres and research facilities that concentrate on both traditional and advanced technology industries.
  • Seafood – In Atlantic Canada you will find the world’s leading producer of canned sardines, the world’s largest exporter of fresh, live lobster and an industry known for its innovations.

Atlantic Canada is a profitable place to do business!