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Products derived from commercial oilseed crop co-products

Nature’s Crops International Limited

Nature’s Crops International Ltd. (NCI), located in Hunter River, Prince Edward Island, is a biotechnology company that specializes in R&D and commercialization of oilseed crops. Prince Edward Island’s local climate, soil composition and agricultural resources and infrastructure make it an ideal location for the company’s oilseed production. NCI is dedicated to ensuring safe, sustainable, traceable and cost-competitive products for their customers.

The large-scale production of seed oils provides significant amounts of waste products, including meal and retentate, which have yet to be sufficiently examined for biological activity. Through this AIF project, NCI will explore the commercial potential of bioactive compounds that are derived from the waste products of eight different seed oil crops and Myrica gale, a plant also known as Bog Myrtle or Sweet Gale. Preliminary results show that the derivative products have a combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The objectives of the project are to build both small and large molecule chemical libraries and a detailed natural product chemical database of phytochemicals of processed crops. NCI also intends to discover the biological activity of the extracts in areas such as immune modulation, anti-aging, skin health and sundry related health applications. The project is expected to result in five new jobs and incorporate up to ten current research positions.

NCI will undertake this project in partnership with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the National Research Council of Canada, and the University of Prince Edward Island.

Contact Information:
Andrew Hebard
President and CEO
Nature’s Crops International Ltd.
Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

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