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A Bounty in Boston

From delicious smoked salmon to our famous PEI mussels, Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs are showcasing their seafood delicacies to international markets through the annual International Boston Seafood Show. Check out what they had to say from the trade show floor last year…

Video of Alan ArchibaldSalmon – the St. Mary’s way
From vodka-cured to smothered in sauce — for over 15 years, Nova Scotia's St. Mary’s River Smokehouses have been perfecting a range of creative smoked salmon products. And now, they’re America-bound with some of Canada's tastiest bounty … see the video with St. Mary's River Smokehouses.

Video of Esther Dockendorff
Flexing their ‘Mussels’
Shellfish lovers in Israel, China, Japan and Russia are getting a taste of the Maritimes, thanks to PEI Mussel King. The family-owned and Prince Edward Island-based company is making an international splash with their top-quality mussels … see the video with PEI Mussel King.

Video of Daniel BelliveauA bite of Atlantic Canada
From the heart of Atlantic Canada’s fishing grounds, New Brunswick’s VIP Seafood is taking their additive-free seafood on the road. With high quality products across North American supermarkets, seafood lovers are catching their own bite of Atlantic Canada’s finest … see the video with VIP Seafood

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