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A perfect cuppa

AC Dispensing Equipment staff

For regular coffee drinkers, that first pick-me-up cup is often purchased on the morning commute, and the inconsistent addition of cream and sugar can be a real disappointment.

Nowadays, a Nova Scotia-based company’s automatic dairy and sweetener dispensers help make for a perfect cup o’ Joe.

A.C. Dispensing Equipment began its SureShot Solutions product line in 1985, when company founder and CEO Michael R. Duck analyzed his many unsatisfying experiences in coffee line-ups.

“Often times the cup of coffee was directly affected by inconsistent amounts of cream and sugar,” says Ian Tramble, vice-president of finance. “One day there’s just the right amount of cream, the next day not enough, and the next day too much. A good restaurant or café wants to ensure that they give their customers exactly what they want.”

As an avid coffee drinker, Michael saw potential in this problem and worked away in his basement to create a single product portion controlled dairy dispenser. He recognized the great benefits in a product that increases consistency, cuts costs and reduces waste.

Today, from its manufacturing facility in Lower Sackville, the company develops, engineers, produces, markets and services a line of dispensers that has grown to include sweeteners, coffee flavouring, whipped topping and iced coffee. The company’s 100 employees supply their products to quick service restaurants and convenience store chains all over North America.

Ian says that over the last 15 years, ACOA has helped the company establish itself and maintain its competitiveness with customers old and new.

“We have to continue to invest in the latest production technologies and in new product development. ACOA has certainly been very helpful and supportive of the company.”

Supplying and servicing a large number of customers across such a wide geographic area requires a good deal of travel, but Ian believes that passion and pride in their work makes the extra effort worthwhile.

“We’re all proud Maritimers and there’s nothing that makes us more proud when we travel throughout Canada and the U.S. and see our dispensers in action—and they are usually in action for a long time because of our high quality and customer satisfaction.”

There you have it, the recipe for the perfect cup of coffee: a unique blend of new technologies, production techniques and a healthy dose of quality control.

Published May 4, 2015