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Approach Navigation SystemsAfter settling in for a plane ride, few people give much thought to the systems that will guide the aircraft safely from departure to destination. But New Brunswick’s Brian Ahern gives such things much thought – good thing for global travellers.

Since its creation in 1992, Brian’s company, Approach Navigation Systems, has built a solid reputation around the world for its expertise in building transportation systems for the aviation, marine and highway sectors.

From Baffin Island to Ecuador and from Fort McMurray to Indonesia, Brian’s team of twelve employees has designed, installed and maintained customized airport towers, navigation and weather systems for mining, road building and oil exploration companies, in all climates, both on land and at sea.

The company has been involved in projects such as private and small foreign airports, airstrips at remote mining sites, heliports on oil rigs and vessels, and weather stations for aviation and highway monitoring across Canada.

Their latest contract is providing heliport navigation systems in Nigeria.

“Typically, five years ago, our customers were mining companies. Mining companies want to mine. They want to rely on someone else for their aviation service and they need to know that it is done right. Airstrips are the lifelines to these mines. So for us, success came from making sure we met the regulations, adhered to them and kept the mine’s aviation safe and reliable.”

The same holds true, he adds, whether the project is a permanent, fixed base on land, or for vessels that move around, such as the heliport on an oil rig.

“It’s all part of what we do. We do landing systems.”

To supply on a global scale, he says today’s business owner must take a good hard, critical look at how they operate.

“Businesses need to supply their product or service more efficiently and better than someone else. And for smaller companies, that can be a challenge. That’s when government assistance programs like ACOA can help them.”

Over the years, he says ACOA has helped the company expand its operations through the development and marketing of sensor towers in US markets, and through the purchase and renovation of facilities.

Despite the challenges of staying competitive in a tough global market, Brian and his team are focused on keeping their success flying high by staying on top of the latest technology, building solid client relationships and delivering a quality product within budget, on time and as promised.

With that kind of determination, Approach Navigation Systems seems bound for nowhere else, but up, up, up.

Published September 21, 2012