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Did you know that Atlantic Canada is home to more than 200 aerospace and defence firms, employing over 10,000 dedicated people? Learn more about Atlantic Canada’s soaring aerospace and defence industry

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Did you know that Atlantic Canada and France have a special international treaty? Find out more about the Joint Regional Cooperation Commission between Atlantic Canada and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

Success Stories
Looking for some inspiration from other entrepreneurs who have been there? Read about Atlantic entrepreneurs whose drive and dedication are proving a fast match for success!

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International Business

At ACOA, we want to help ensure your company’s success abroad … and that Atlantic Canada is top of mind for those considering expansion or investment opportunities in North America.

Looking to do business outside Canada?

Did you know that exporting is one of Atlantic Canada’s leading drivers of economic growth? ACOA and its partners want to help you grow your business in markets near and far because when you succeed abroad, Atlantic Canada benefits.

To help you on your path to international success,
ACOA has valuable information on how you can:
  • Become more competitive 
  • Expand 
  • Innovate 
  • Develop global markets 
We also coordinate Atlantic business missions to help Atlantic Canadian companies explore and develop opportunities in markets abroad, including the Americas, Europe and Asia.

For background information on international trade, see ACOA’s collection of market research and reports.


Looking to do business in Canada?

Map of Atlantic CanadaFor Non-Canadians looking to do business in Canada, we offer the most competitive business cost environment among G7/G8 countries.

And as a telecommunications leader, gateway to NAFTA, and entry point to major North American markets, Atlantic Canada has much to offer.

Find out why Atlantic Canada is a great place to find workers and live and a profitable place to do business.

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