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2010 Client Satisfaction Survey

Excellent client service is all about understanding your clients and most importantly, listening to them. As part of the Government of Canada's Citizen-focused Service approach to service quality, federal organizations such as ACOA must understand and respond to citizens'/clients' needs and expectations.

To help ensure ongoing improvement in service delivery, a client satisfaction survey was conducted on ACOA’s behalf to measure satisfaction in three key areas:

  • the accessibility of Agency services;
  • service delivery features and processes;
  • and, service-related communication.

The survey also looked to gather client views on potential for improvement in all of the above.

The majority (91.6%) of ACOA clients who responded in the survey indicated strong satisfaction with Agency services (up from 84% in 2007) – and 95% said they would use ACOA services again. Agency clients indicated a higher level of satisfaction than in 2007 on questions relating to ACOA personnel such as:

  • Was it easy to contact ACOA personnel? (92.2% satisfied, up 1%)
  • Did staff go the extra mile to help you get what you needed? (86.5% satisfied, up 8%)
  • Were ACOA personnel knowledgeable (91.6% satisfied, up 3.8%)

And when it comes to other aspects of service delivery, the trend in satisfaction was also rising: 

  • Did you get what you needed from ACOA? (86.6% satisfied, up 9.6%)
  • Was it easy to find information on the ACOA website? (77.7% satisfied, up 8.1%)
  • How satisfied were you with the service received? (91.6 % satisfied, up 7.6%
  • Was the application process fair? (84.8% satisfied, up 4.7%)

When it came to identifying potential improvements in Agency service delivery, clients indicated three items on their wish list:

  • shorter turnaround times for processing applications;
  • being kept better informed on their project application status;
  • and, easier access to ACOA services.

They also suggested there was room for improvement around the Agency’s automated phone systems, ensuring the privacy of information, and service-related information on the official Agency website.

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