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ACOA Direct Your account information - just a click away

ACOA Direct - Designed with you in mind ON-LINE, ON TIME

Conduct business electronically with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Using ACOA Direct, you can:

  • View your profile, the status of your claims and repayment schedule wherever and whenever you want.

  • Submit claims at a time that suits you best: 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

  •   Share documents and collaborate with other members of your secure site.

  • Send and receive secure messages by participating in an online discussion with other members of your secure site.

ACOA is committed to protecting the environment of this region by promoting sustainable business and communities in Atlantic Canada.

ACOA Direct allows you to save time on administration and spend it instead where it counts the most – on building a successful business.

ACOA Direct is part of the Government of Canada’s and ACOA’s overall plan to deliver its programs, services and information via the internet.

It represents a key component in our vision to improve service delivery to our clients, and Atlantic Canadians in general.


It’s easy to sign up.

For more information, visit   or contact your account manager today:

Head Office 1-800-561-7862

New Brunswick 1-800-561-4030

Newfoundland & Labrador 1-800-668-1010

Nova Scotia 1-800-565-1228

Prince Edward Island 1-800-871-2596