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Atlantic Canada's Aerospace and Defence industry

Soaring Industry

Atlantic Canada's exports in Aerospace and Defence have risen rapidly in recent years, with a 189% increase from 2001 to 2008. The primary market for Atlantic Canada's aerospace and defence industry is the United States. The industry has reached overall annual revenues of C$1 billion. Business opportunities in Atlantic Canada are further enhanced by the Government of Canada's planned acquisition of approximately C$17 billion in equipment and related support services for the Canadian Forces.

Global Competitors

Atlantic Canada is home to more than 200 successful aerospace and defence firms with over 10,000 dedicated employees providing high-quality, advanced products and services. Many of these firms are critical suppliers to Canada's Armed Forces and the various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across the world.

Partnerships at Work

Supported by progressive industry associations and all levels of government, Atlantic Canada's aerospace and defence industry enthusiastically welcomes new firms and international partners from around the world.

Research and Development

Atlantic Canada's aerospace and defence industry also devotes considerable resources to research and development, which is supported by all levels of government, academia and the private sector, through a broad infrastructure of research facilities. This intricate R&D infrastructure, combined with some of the lowest after-tax R&D costs in the world, creates an ideal environment for business growth.

Excellent Workforce

With more post-secondary graduates per capita than the Canadian and American averages, Atlantic Canada has the brainpower to fuel its growing aerospace and defence industry. Atlantic Canada's universities offer quality education and training facilities that produce hundreds of highly qualified engineers, computer scientists and other related specialists every year.

A flight instructor and student sit in the cockpit of a small aircraft A drone flies low over two icebergs A close-up of an aircraft propeller A man works on an armoured vehicle

A military aircraft flying with blue sky in the background

What Atlantic Canada Offers

Geographically close to United States – seamless access to the lucrative US market

Highly educated workforce – more post-secondary graduates per capita than the Canadian and US averages, and home to 17 universities

Dedicated workers – among the lowest rates of turnover and absenteeism in North America

Low business costs – Canada leads the G7 countries in low business costs, with a cost advantage of 5.5 percent over the US

World-leading R&D commitment – Canada ranks first among the G7 countries for offering the most generous R&D tax incentives

How You Benefit

  • Improved communication and lower project management costs
  • Greater ability to recruit new graduates and retain their services
  • Lower turnover rates, which means corporate knowledge doesn't leave your organization along with staff
  • Improved profitability thanks to lower labour costs and operational cost efficiencies
  • Greater potential for revenue growth
  • Enhanced ability to innovate, be creative, and continuously learn
  • Opportunity to improve performance and profitability through access to government programs and services geared to the needs of the industry

How we can help you to locate and succeed here

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is the federal government agency responsible for helping to build economic capacity in the Atlantic Provinces. Through a variety of programs and services, ACOA ensures companies locating in Atlantic Canada have access to a range of practical support to help them successfully develop their businesses.

Map of Eastern Canada and USA, highlighting Atlantic Canada

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