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Transcript: Recruitment and Student Hiring

Video: Recruitment and Student Hiring

Marie-Ève Lejeune

As part of my master’s degree in public administration, I had to do an internship in a government department, so I did my internship in the Policy Unit at ACOA where I worked on the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Joint Commission file.

There were several elements of regional co-operation between Atlantic Canada and Saint Pierre-et-Miquelon, and I found it very interesting to be able to apply theoretical elements to practice. Because of the numerous links with the federal government environment and the structure of the public service, we often see differences between theory and reality. I really appreciated seeing those differences in the workplace.

I am very interested in pursuing a career in the public service in the future. My experience at ACOA gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that will be useful for me no matter what I do in the future.